By: Claudy 08-11-2017

For a glass partition between the auditorium and the family parlor, we created 'The Pathway of the Birds', an art piece referring to the Finnish myth of Linnunrata.

  • Auditorium and family room
  • Crooswijk Cemetery
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2017
  • Size (m): 2.16 x 6.68
  • Material: Wool, silk, mohair, linen | Pigments from: alkanet root, dahlia, onion, indigo, chamomile, walnut
By: Claudy 13-04-2017

For a radically modern private residence in Leeuwarden two very different art pieces were created. On the stark concrete background the blue indigo piece is felted in a rhythm of small waves in a variation of natural fibres. In contrast the dark brown woolly cloth seems a natural hide but actually uses the eaborate quality of the hairy yarn of the Drenth Heath sheep to the full.

  • NL 2016
  • Private Residence
  • Material: Drenthe Heath wool, mohair, silk, natural dyes
By: Claudy 19-06-2016

Situated in a restored conservatory in Priona Gardens, the floral piece ‘Priona Blossom’ echoes the ‘wild but tight’ philosophy of garden design that was pioneered here in 1978 by Henk Gerritsen. 

  • Priona Gardens, NL 2016
  • Priona Blossom
  • Summerrestaurant 'De Tuinkamer'
  • Size: 3.80 x 1.25
  • Material: wool, silk, yarn, natural dyes